As you all know, Southeastern Endocrine and Diabetes has responded to the national health crisis by closing our doors to in-person visits. We are, however, still here to support you in your endocrine care. Today, we are unsure as to when we will be allowed to reopen our doors to patients in the office, but we will continue to communicate with you electronically to help guide you in the best ways to stay healthy while receiving quality healthcare. To avoid any interruption in your care, we have adopted a telehealth platform and we will review what a 'Virtual Medical' visit is later in this communication. Our ultimate goal, as always, is to keep you out of the Emergency department/hospital.

Regarding the Coronavirus: How do you know if you have it?

  • Mild symptoms: Cough and seasonal allergies are common this time of year. Treat with over-the-counter (OTC) medications. If you have questions, use the patient portal to contact us. We will message you back and can set up a Telehealth visit for you if necessary.

  • Moderate Symptoms: If you are having fatigue, fever, cough and body aches or you believe that you may have been exposed to Coronavirus, contact us by phone or patient portal so we can discuss options with you. If you are high risk, age>60, diabetic, heart or kidney disease or immunocompromised, you must self-isolate and avoid contact with others. Use OTC remedies for controlling your symptoms if necessary. Use the patient portal to contact us with any specific concerns.

  • Severe Symptoms: If you are experiencing shortness of breath, severe weakness, low blood pressure, we will coordinate the next step with you if you can call. You may require hospital care and we will coordinate care with our local Emergency Rooms. Showing up at the ER unannounced is not advisable. If you are in extreme distress call 911 and explain the situation and symptoms.

Other information: There are increasing reports of asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus. Please take your community leaders' advice and shelter at home until the advisory lifts. You should not continue socializing in groups with friends or family who do not reside with you. You should not be at the stores shopping. Ideally food and household items should be delivered to your home. Reports of mild symptoms such as loss of taste and smell are very nonspecific and can be due to many other issues, including allergies and sinus infections. Reports of the early use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have not been proven. We will not treat patients prophylactically. Routine testing for COVID-19 is not available and we do not have any testing kits here in our office. We are unable to order it as a non-primary care office. It is understanding that some of the metro Atlanta area primary care offices are offering screening for their patients. If you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms, contact your primary care physician and ask if they are able to provide the testing to you.

Refills: We will continue to refill all chronic medications and we will continue to consult and communicate with all of our patients using the patient portal and telehealth as appropriate. PLEASE go to the patient portal and communicate your medical questions, refill requests, lab questions and any other needs directly to us. We are here to meet your needs. Calling our emergency after hours line limits our ability to treat our patients' true emergencies. We will provide Telehealth services and virtual visits to all patients.