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National Diabetes Information Clearing House

American Association of Diabetes Educators

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Family – Gestatonal Diabetes

Mayo Clinic - Endocrinology

National Institute of Diabetes

Food and Drug Administration

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Pump and Sensor Downloads

Patients:   Here are links to set up your pumps and sensors so you can share data with your providers and Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.  Our office can invite you to share your data once you have set up your accounts. Please write down and remember your username and password as we need those to invite you to share.

How to set up software for your devices:

Medtronic Pumps and sensors

Tandem T-slim x2


Freestyle Libre

  • our Practice ID to share: 02639513
  • Go to Account Settings-click on my Practices tab, inut the Practice ID and click ADD
  • Libre View Support: 1-855-786-4263

Dexcom Clarity

  • Customer service: 1-877-339-2664 Dexcom CGM training, software downloads, and tutorials
  • 1-877-339-2664
  • Monday - Friday 6 AM - 5 PM PST
  • Saturday 7 AM - 1:30 PM PST