John H. ‘Chip’ Reed, III, MD, CDE

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Miguel Muñoz, MD, ECNU, FACE

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Susie M. Estes, MD

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Srinivas Bontha, MD

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Adriana Gonzalez, MD

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Donni Jester, RN, BSN, FNP

Donni has 23 years of experience in critical and emergency care. She graduated from Emory University and received a graduate degree from Brenau University. Prior to joining this practice, she worked in internal medicine.


Eileen Borkovich, RN, MS, APRN

Eileen has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1984 from Northern Illinois University.  She obtained her Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, in 2006 from Kennesaw State University. She has experience in family practice, cardiology, and endocrinology.


Melia Maketo, FNP-C, RN/BSN

Melia has experience in family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatric medicine, and emergency care. She earned both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, at the University of South Alabama. We affectionally refer to her as Mel.


Feona Udai, FNP-C

Feona has experience in family practice, endocrinology, women’s health and pediatrics.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Emory University in 2011 and with her Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, at Mercer University in 2016.


Ellen Medved, MBA, BSN, RN, CDE

Ellen is our diabetes educator, specializing in Insulin pump therapy, Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Management. She has over 20 years experience as a diabetes educator working in out-patient diabetes education, endocrinology and the diabetes industry as a consultant. Ellen has a BSN from Indiana University and received her MBA in marketing from Kennesaw State University. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and is a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. She has been a volunteer and speaker for Atlanta Diabetes University.


Matina Waggoner, BSN, RN

Matina Waggoner, RN is our diabetes educator and has many years experience working with diabetes. Matina is experienced in all types of insulin pumps and continuous glucose sensors. Matina enjoys working with diabetic patients as she personally lives with Type I Diabetes.


Donna S. Genzale, MS, RD, LD, CDE

Donna is both a Registered Dietician and a Certified Diabetes Educator. She has over 25 years’ experience in nutritional counseling and diabetes education in the hospital and private practice setting. She is a certified insulin pump trainer, and is certified in adult, adolescent and pediatric weight management.