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The providers at Southeastern Endocrine and Diabetes believe that patient education is a crucial part of the medical care of patients with diabetes. Our goal is to provide patients and their families with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve and maintain good health and minimize complications. Since diabetes affects every aspect of life, patients need to have the information to make choices about their diet, treatment, and activity on a day to day basis.

Diabetes school provides patients with the information they need to take good care of themselves. The school is enhanced by the participation of a variety of health care professionals, including a dietician, a diabetes educator, a nurse practitioner, an endocrinologist, a podiatrist, and a doctor of pharmacy. Participants may be asked to undergo a knowledge assessment prior to and following the program to determine what they have learned about diabetes. Goal setting exercises enable each patient to focus on the areas requiring the most work and concentration.

We offer comprehensive weekend classes. Shorter classes are held in the office to provide a basic framework for the longer classes.

The weekend classes are more extensive in their practical application of the information provided. There classes are given on a Saturday and Sunday, about every other month. For lunch on these days, participants will eat with the diabetes team and apply the information learned in the nutritional section of the class, eating at a cafeteria and a fast food restaurant.